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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Potato Day

A parade of potatoes entered room six this week.  I am so proud of the students' creativity and hard work!  Secret votes were cast by our students and teachers.  It was almost too close to call, and many expressed just how hard it was to pick a favorite. I don't see any potatoes here. Do you?


Students are required to participate in the Great Potato Disguise Contest.  Students must disguise a potato (without cutting it!) so that it appears to be something other than a potato.  Dress it in a costume, add different things to it, do whatever you like, but it should not look like something you will have for dinner when you are finished!  I'm hoping this will be a fun family activity, but please let your student take the lead.  Good luck!


A perfectly innocent potato was minding its own business when all of a sudden... It turned green, sprouted antennas, grew butterfly wings, and developed a whole new set of eyes. Imagine that!