About Me



My name is Christi Fultz.  I am originally from Charlestown, Indiana, which is located in Clark County.  I grew up across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky. After high school, I moved to Muncie, Indiana, to pursue a degree in elementary education at Ball State. I first graduated in December 2004, but since then I've completed my master's degree and earned my Reading Specialist License.  I currently live in Brookville, Ohio, with my husband, Ryan.  I am especially excited to learn and work with our third graders this year!  If you still want to know more about me, click on my picture.


  I also want to say hello for Pebbles.  In case you haven’t already been told about her, Pebbles is our class pet.  She is a Campbell's Russian dwarf hamster.  Because she is nocturnal, her cage is her favorite place to be during the day.  Sometimes I do get her out to let her play in her ball or give her a snack.  I think the students will enjoy watching her grow and change this year.