Assessment Alley: Third Grade Literacy Profile

Literacy Profile
What Third Graders Should Know
Phonological Awareness and Oral Language Development
Concepts of Print, Letter Identification, and Text Features
Decoding Skills and Word Analysis
Reading Strategies, Processes, and Dispositions
Reading Accuracy and Fluency at Increasing Text Levels
Comprehension and Reading Response
Writing Strategies, Processes, and Dispositions
Writing Effectiveness
Writing Conventions and Handwriting
Related Resources
Meet the Author

This website is designed to be an assessment resource for third grade teachers. It details numerous assessment strategies and interventions for all ten components of literacy.  Paired with the linked resources and examples, these resources can be used by educational novices and experts alike. When used in conjunction with research-based instruction aligned with state standards, these assessments and interventions should become part of the curriculum as opposed to additional requirements.   For each component, there is an overview, recommended assessments, and suggested interventions.  These resources were compiled from Literacy Profiles (Biggam and Itterly) while taking EDRDG 680.  Please use the red navigation bar to the left to explore this site.

Last updated: April 16, 2009