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How Do I Create Opportunities for Social Learning?

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How Do I Create Opportunities for Social Learning?
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Creating social experiences on many levels (among friends, family, classmates, authors/characters, and teachers) encourage students to make connections and facilitate strategy development. Promoting social learning can occur through dialogue and discussion, creative techniques (such as drama), and/or group design of culminating projects.


Principles for Social Learning

         Create a context of inquiry.

         Ask a significant question or post a real problem.

         Connect the question/problem to the content, student lives, and the world.

         Pose questions or problems that must be addressed from a number of perspectives.

         Foster debate by exposing students to multiple points of view.

         Create situations in which students can read, write, talk, role-play, and make things together.

         Provide time for exploration.


For further reading, see Going with the Flow, Chapter 4.

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