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What Are Text Sets?
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Tovani suggests creating text sets of accessible texts to use with unit instruction.  These themed-resources supplement textbooks and improve comprehension.  You can find a sample text set I created for my space them here.


Text Set Characteristics

  • contain a guide sheet, or appendix, to help students work their way through the set
  • contain a variety of written texts
  • contain materials that vary in length, difficulty, and structure
  • contain relevant, interesting, and accessible text
  • give students several options
  • provide opportunities for students to practice reading strategies and learn content information


Evaluating with Text Sets

         Write letters to future users of the set

         Observe students as they use the sets and conference with them

         Ask students to compare and contrast items in the set

         Record questions to ponder and research using the set

         Mark interesting and important places within texts in the set with sticky notes


For further reading, see Do I Really Have to Teach Reading, Chapter 4.

Last updated: July 9, 2008

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