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What Are Comprehension Constructors?
Comprehension Corner
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What Are Comprehension Constructors?
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Meet the Author

Tovani designs tools she refers to as comprehension constructors.  These constructors are simply tools for holding thinking while reading.  Tovani writes that constructors are designed to “pull kids through a comprehension process” by helping students “name their thinking and make it visible.”  As Tovani designs these constructors, she asks herself how she would read the text and tries to predict where problems would occur.  Then, Tovani designs a recording form to help alleviate these comprehension breakdowns.  A word of advice: the simpler and more authentic the comprehension constructor is, the better.


Examples of Comprehension Constructors

         Reading Response LogMy personal example

         Double-Entry DiaryMy personal example

         Highlight and RevisitMy personal example


For further reading, see Do I Really Have to Teach Reading, Chapters 2 and 6, as well as the appendix.

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