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What Strategies Do Good Readers Use?
Comprehension Corner
What Strategies Do Good Readers Use?
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Tovani cites proficient reader research aimed at naming strategies used by proficient readers of all grade levels. If these strategies assist comprehension, then they should be taught to struggling readers.  A strategy is defined as an intentional plan that is flexible and can be adapted to meet the demands of the situation.  These strategies help readers construct meaning when simply reading the words alone doesn’t produce understanding. 


Thinking Strategies Used by Proficient Readers and Writers

         Activating background knowledge and making connections

         Self-questioning the text

         Drawing inferences

         Determining importance

         Employing fix-up strategies

         Using sensory images

         Synthesizing and extending thinking



 For further reading, see Do I Really Have to Teach Reading, Chapter 1.

Last updated: July 9, 2008

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