Reading Genre Study: 

This month, we will focus on the fantasy genre. Fantasy stories include elements that cannot happen in real life.  Examples of fantasy elements include objects that come to life, weird weather, talking animals, and magical creatures.  In this unit, we will focus on reading for fun.  A few stories include Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Two Bad Ants, and If...  Encourage your child to try a fantasy book for their reading homework each week.  This will help students better understand the fantasy genre and help them with their end-of-the-month project too.  




Writing Genre Study:

ABC books aren’t just for “babies” any more!  We're publishing hardback ABC books this month. After that, students will use their imaginations to create their own fantasy stories using what they've learned about the fantasy genre in reading workshop.  These stories will be published in a hardback book.  We will publish these stories into shape books.



Social Studies:

We will also learn about different cultures and traditions during social studies.  Students will learn about early immigrants, customs and stories of different ethnic groups, and celebrations and festivals around the world.

Students will learn about early communities in social studies.  We will learn about the first Native Americans, Jamestown, British colonies, Lewis and Clark, early cities, and inventions of the mid-1800s.