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Have you ever heard of a man by the name of John Chapman? You probably have but never realized it. His other name was Johnny Appleseed! 

In 1797, when Johnny was 23, he began to move west with many other people, looking for new land in Ohio and Indiana. When many people think of Johnny, they think of a man with a bag full of apple seeds who scattered them as he went. This is not true. Johnny was a nurseryman. That means he chose a nice plot of ground and carefully planted his apple seeds. Then he would look after them just as you would with any garden. He kept them watered and weeded so they grew into strong, young trees. As people moved west, Johnny moved with them. He knew that people needed apple trees, or the seeds to grow their own, and he wanted to help.

At the end of his life, Johnny Appleseed lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He died there just before his 75th birthday, March 18, 1845. He spent more than 50 years traveling, planting, and growing apple trees.


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